Frequently Asked Questions

For Employees

For Supervisors / Principal Investigators

Other Questions/Problems, contact the ORA training help desk at 517-884-4600 or


For Employees

What training am I required to complete?

Training requirements depend on each person's specific job duties. Work with your supervisor and/or EHS to define your required training. Most EHS courses are set up for self-enrollment; however, supervisors and EHS have the ability to assign training to individuals as well.

The EHS Training Guide gives basic guidelines for required training (laboratory-focused).


I don't have a NetID. How do I take training?

Affiliates, volunteers, visitors who do not have an MSU NetID/password can register for a Community ID. Once the Community ID is created, log in to Saba using your email address and password you have set.

What's the difference between a course and a certification?

A certification in Saba is a wrapper around a course (or group of courses) that adds due dates, expiration dates, and re-training reminders to your training profile. Wrapping a course inside a certification also makes assigning training and reporting on compliance easier for administrators.


How do I sign up for in-person EHS training?

Registration for in-person, instructor-led EHS courses is done in the Saba system. If no offering of the course you need is currently scheduled, please call EHS at 517-355-0153.

How do I drop a course or certification?

You can drop a course registration if you cannot attend or have registered accidentally.

Certification assignments indicate who is required to complete a certain training, and can only be removed by administrators. Expired and Assigned (but never Acquired) certifications appear on non-compliance reports. Please help us keep records accurate by contacting the help desk at to have a certification removed if:

  • a certification was acquired in the past but is no longer required for your work
  • you accidentally registered for a certification

Your course completion history will never be removed; only the assignment of the training requirement.

Where are EHS training classes held?

When you register for an instructor-led course in Saba, the location will be listed in your email confirmation. You can also log in and view the location of any classes you're registered for. A common location is room 101 at 4000 Collins Road.

How do I view my training records, print a certificate, or see expiration dates?

Your entire EHS training history (as well as other programs such as Human Research Protection, Animal Care Program, Financial Conflict of Interest) is housed in Saba.

How do I complete my refresher training?

A reminder email is sent from to your MSU email address (or registered community ID email address) 30 days before refresher training is due. To complete training, log in to Saba and find the refresher training in the In Progress portal on your home page.

My training expired. Do I need to retake initial training?

Default behavior of the Saba system is to force users to repeat initial training if their training has expired; however, regulations do not always require repeating initial training. The expired training policy and procedure for each training subject, based on the related regulation(s), has been documented on the EHS web site:

Expired training policies

I think my expiration date is wrong. Is this possible?

Saba requires a “recertification period,” which is currently set to 30 days. In order for the expiration date to be appropriately updated, the system requires that refresher training is completed within 30 days of expiration. If you have completed your refresher early, yes, it's possible that your expiration date was not updated. This issue does not affect whether you receive credit for completing training. Any online training courses, regardless of when they are completed, are added to your transcript immediately and become part of your training history. This issue only affects how the certification expiration date is calculated. Contact to request a date correction.

For Supervisors / Principal Investigators

A high school student, visitor, volunteer, or affiliate is coming to work in our lab. How do they take training without an MSU NetID?

Affiliates, volunteers, visitors who do not have an MSU NetID/password can register for a Community ID. Once the Community ID is created, affiliates can log in to Saba using their email address and password they have set.

More on MSU Community IDs


How do I get access to my employees' training records?

Supervisors (according to Human Resources records) automatically have access to view subordinates' training records ("direct team" in Saba).

Records for individuals who are not direct reports (e.g., research groups) can be manually granted by contacting ("alternate team" in Saba).

If you are not the supervisor, but a lab coordinator or other individual responsible for monitoring training compliance for your group, you can be granted proxy access to view the supervisor's Team Dashboard. Contact to request proxy access.


How do I assign training to an employee?

Will I be notified if an employee has expired training?

Yes, direct supervisors (according to HR records) and any alternate managers set in Saba receive copies of expired training notices. This notification is sent only once, upon expiration.

Email notification sample